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Who doesn’t love this typical dim sum restaurant dish? At dim sum restaurants, it’s almost always a must for my family. The problem is that there’s a big difference in the taste if it’s cold or fresh and hot, so we always look to see if there’s steam rising from the dish before we take it.

But besides that, there aren’t any decent dim sum restaurants around here in Michigan, so the only option I had was to attempt to recreate the salt and pepper calamari on my own in my less-than-satisfactory kitchen.

It turned out fairly well considering how I was cooking this from memory and how I didn’t measure my ingredients again, so I might just do it again sometime. : )

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It’s been awhile! Finals and other real life priorities chewed up and spat out my life, but here I am and food/photo dumping.

Anyways, I’m not normally the type to make desserts that requires baking, but I had peaches leftover and I decided I would attempt a peach tart since I was craving sweets pretty much all week.

I halved most of the recipes I found online and made two small ~4 inch wide tarts. The one that came out well I gave to my roommate for Valentine’s and I ate the one that fell apart (right off the pan). It seems like the taste came out alright since she’s normally the type to say bluntly whether something tastes good or bad. It was also sort of amusing since I wasn’t totally convinced that I could do this without a tart pan, but I did, and it held together, so cheers to luck!

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Well, the name is something I made up just now because it’s mostly sea products.

To be honest, I pride myself in my quick and easy soup noodles because…well, they’re quick and easy. The easy also applies to cleaning up after. I normally make these several times a week while changing up the ingredients, and they’re pretty healthy because of the vegetables and protein.

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While I was hungry and wanted something easy…

I’ll admit that this isn’t the most visually appealing, but I can almost guarantee that it’s the most taste-bud and stomach-ly appealing. I half-invented it yesterday when I was hungry but needed to work on a paper about peddlers, and on the first attempt, it fell apart in my hands and then into my stomach. Today’s attempt stayed together in my hands and fell into my stomach anyways.

It’s also great if you feel sushi/onigiri oriented but don’t actually have the skill (like me), and it’s definitely fast and easy.

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My first post on my spanking new food blog!

This post (and the crepes) will be dedicated to cherry_soda87 at LiveJournal  because without her, there would be no 食べ物 eXploZion.

The recipe was taken from the blog, Fresh from the Oven, back when I just started getting into cooking and photographing with my own modifications.

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