So what do you do with a grapefruit, some random walnuts, and a lot of milk you have to finish?

You mix them together I guess.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend doing this with other fruits, but this combo actually turned out fairly well, especially if you’re the type that can’t eat sour things (like my parents) but you just need to finish off that grapefruit. It’s also really easy since it’s practically instant and makes a nice refreshing dessert, so it’s very good for warm weather.



~0.25 grapefruit

3-5 walnuts

~0.5 cup of milk (or enough milk to barely cover the grapefruit)

0.5 tablespoon of cinnamon sugar (this will vary depending on how sour your grapefruit is so adjust according to your tastes)

1 tablespoon of condensed milk (optional)


1. Heat your oven to about 300F and slide in the nuts. Leave until you’re done prepping everything else.

2. Remove the skin of the grapefruit and only take the flesh. Take apart carefully into bite-sized chunks and place in bowl. Add milk.

3. Add cinnamon and mix carefully to keep the shape of the grapefruit. If you want to add a bit of condensed milk, also do that here so you can mix it all together.

4. Take the nuts out of the oven and chop into small pieces. Sprinkle on top.

5. Eat!

It does seem like something fairly healthy right? I’ve had some variant of this (back when I was about 14 or so) at a Chinese restaurant when my family and I went to Hong Kong, but I think they might’ve used cream instead of milk. Of course, this would taste better since the liquid is thicker and creamier, but if you want to keep it healthy, skim milk would work just as well in my opinion (I personally drink 2% because skim milk is so flavorless for me…)