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I was asked by a friend if anyone actually reads this. -laughs-

I suppose a normal person would respond, “Of course people read this! There are comments, aren’t there?”

But then seconds later, I confessed, “Well, even I don’t really read the words…I just like looking at the pictures…”

And it’s true…I’m a food pornist, through and through.

Today’s food porn involves leftover Kabocha, curry and the surprise ingredient…coffee. Yes, that’s right. I made curried frappucino.

Just kidding. It was just a bit of coffee in the curry.

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Hello everyone!

It was like I abandoned 食べ物 eXploZion eh? It’s been almost a month since my last post! But fear not! I will continue to spam you all with my posts!

My absence was mostly due to exams. I was up for hours playing solitaire hitting the books and studying. It was a hectic month for all students, but we’re finally done! -cheers-

I’m finally done with school, though, and I flew back home to “sunny” California! Ironically, it seems like I brought the rain in Michigan back with me, because we have rain for the next few days… But to celebrate the end of the dreaded finals period, I made biscotti!

It’s my first time ever, but they turned out fairly well (if a bit singed) I used the recipe from And then I do the dishes with some adjustments.

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