Sorry about the long hiatus everyone! It was unannounced (and sort of unexpected). The truth is I’ve been busy looking for summer jobs and such. But besides that, I was cooking until my mom practically asked me to stop. (lol!)

She didn’t actually ask me to stop, but she has shown that she doesn’t really like my foods. She’s  a person who overwhelmingly prefers Chinese food, which is my dad’s specialty, so I’ve been going to the basics (which I never actually did) and was working on sharpening my knife skills (excuse the pun) and other basic kitchen skills.

I was feeling good about myself until I nearly cut off a nail with a meat cleaver some time ago and have been a bit apprehensive about picking up a knife again. But I persevered, and will probably be doing a dump of photos and recipes soon since my mom’s left to visit relatives.

Thanks for the comments that were left during the hiatus! I’m working on making it up to you all!

But meanwhile, anyone else want to share their scary kitchen experiences? I remember once how a boiling kettle of water (somehow) caught on fire in our kitchen. As shocking and frightening as it was, it looked pretty cool…