My friend and I went out for sushi the other day and, well, it was pretty darn good!

I’ve never done a restaurant review before, but since I haven’t been cooking lately (after another shredded nail), I figured this was a better way to update my blog. : ]

Joy Sushi’s located at the edges of San Mateo’s downtown and is a bit “out there” in terms of restaurants. Less people walk this area compared to the other restaurants, which is a bit of a shame since Joy Sushi has a very unique menu that pays tribute to San Mateo’s features. Despite this though, it seems as if the restaurant has managed to get its name out there to customers since the ground floor was rather occupied and the top floor was about half occupied.

Joy Sushi, obviously, specializes in Japanese food. They have the standard temaki (handrolls), sushi, and bento, but, if you go to this restaurant, it probably should be for their specialty sushi rolls. As I mentioned before, a lot of San Mateo’s local specialties are featured. It was pretty amusing to see a “Caltrain roll” or a “2nd Ave roll” on the menu, and my friend and I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out which was the best to try from the sheer variety offered by the menu. In the end, we managed to settle on three type of sushi.

Starting from the top right corner and going clockwise, we got the Giant Roll, the Rainbow, and the Paul Blossom.

The Giant Roll had soft shell crab, cucumber and avocado rolled inside and was topped with the special Joy Sushi sauce and unagi (eel). For fans of the spider roll, I would definitely recommend this too! The crab was very crispy and all the ingredients complimented each other very nicely.

The Rainbow was a lot more subtle in flavor than the other rolls. Although a nice experience, I might not order it again because it doesn’t particularly stand out to me. The roll is topped with seven types of seafood, which are mostly fish and one shrimp. One positive feature was the freshness of the seafood. I was glad to be able to tell that we were getting served fresh food, especially when the temperature that day was in the 90F.

The Paul Blossom was delicious! I think the presentation really helped it out as well since it was fun to “pluck the petals”. Again, I was super happy with the quality of the ingredients. The individual rolls were wrapped in salmon and inside was tuna and avocado.

Overall, it was a very nice dining experience. As a personal preference, I would have liked the place to have better lighting, for the sake of photos and simply for the sake of being to see what I eat. But, all in all, I was really happy with the different types of rolls the restaurant offered and was very glad that my friend recommended it. For people in San Mateo, CA (or stopping by), this would be nice for a clean and enjoyable meal! The website has their full menu including pictures!