This is my version of a  frozen computer (because I don’t have a TV) dinner.

Unlike most of the food I have here in the blog, this wasn’t made by me (except the steamed vegetables). This is made, with love, from my parents back in California before I came back here in the beginning of September for school.

Unlike regular lo mai gai that is available at dimsum restaurants, my parents didn’t individually wrap each portion in lotus leaves. Instead they steamed all of it in a larger pot lined with lotus leaves for the flavor and then individually wrapped them in foil. Here, I wrap keep them in the freezer and take them out to defrost a little before steaming/microwaving them.

The lo mai gai my parents has chicken, lap cheung (Chinese sausage), shitake mushrooms, and obviously glutinous rice. In my opinion, it could give some Chinese dim sum places a run for their money!

It’s just a taste of home. : ]