So I had a friend staying the night and I told her I’d make dinner for her and one of my roommates, Maggie. When I asked the visiting friend, Mikuni, what she’d like for dinner, she replied with “Asian food!” and, surprise surprise!, I made Asian (style) food.

I’ve tried these pork wraps before, and they aren’t particularly difficult except for when you’re actually combining everything together into the final piece. My previous attempt also included cooking everything all at once together, but I’ve learned my lesson…that isn’t that easy and it’s just darn difficult!

Luckily, I’ve learned from my mistakes, and here is now an easier-to-make and maybe even tastier version of the wraps from the past (hey it rhymes!…kind of)

Recipe (makes 6 wraps, ~two each for three people)


-6 slices of pork shoulder butt

-6 shitake mushrooms

~half a handful of dried wood ear fungus (soak these in cold water for about an hour so they unfurl)

~1-2 bunches of bok choy or a similar vegetable

-3 cloves of garlic

-quarter sheet of nori (Japanese seaweed sheets), cut into five strips along the long edge (optional)


1. Separate the bok choy into individual stems, wash and dry before cutting into thin strips length-wise.

2. Cut shitake mushrooms into strips.

3. Dice garlic.

4. Grease and heat pan. Saute garlic lightly before adding fungus, mushrooms, and vegetables. Cook thoroughly. Set to side in a bowl.

5. Cook each slice of pork individually. When done, take the slice on a plate and place some of the cooked vegetables in the center of the pork. Roll.

6. Optional Take a strip of nori and tie carefully around center of roll.

7. Repeat for five other slices of pork.

Although the nori is entirely optional, I really recommend it. It adds a nice complementing flavor for the pork as well as makes it easier for the entire wrap to stay together, and I personally enjoyed it as I tried to shove the entire thing into my mouth. And I think Maggie and Mikuni enjoyed it too (laugh).