It feels like a lot of people are trying to scrape by until Thanksgiving break here in the States, and I’m one of them. Motivation just isn’t the “in” thing right now.

Sometimes I try to have tea to wake myself up/get a boost of energy, and recently, my friend Angel gave me a tea strainer that’s perfect for an individual person and gives me something fun to look at while I’m working.

Apparently they’re quite cheap on eBay! Angel told me it was only a few dollars, and it’s rather light so it isn’t very expensive to ship either.

It might be the thing to brighten your day as you look forward to the long food-filled weekend!

And then what tea time is complete without a sweet snack? My tea went with a pineapple cake that my cousin, Grace, sent in a care package. This amazing stuff is straight from Singapore, and even if the tea didn’t motivate me to work, I was definitely one pineapple cake happier.