I’m currently in Chicago!! And, true to my foodie heart, I got excited with the food places that are available in the Windy City (which isn’t actually that windy…). I will be here until the morning of the 26th, and today was day 1!

Today, we visited Mitsuwa’s, a fairly large Japanese supermarket. It’s big enough to have its own food court and it actually reminded me of when I was in the Kyoto needle (across from Kyoto station) when we went downstairs and there were various types of vendors. At Mitsuwa’s there was a pottery place, a book place (perfect for getting my hands on those magazines that are otherwise sooo expensive!), and a sake place (but I’m underage…)

Santouka, apparently, is a very popular ramen shop within Mitsuwa. A friend from my club recommended it, and, wow, was I happy to be there!

My friend ordered a shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, and I ordered a hot miso ramen. They were both amazing! I was a little disappointed that the hot miso ramen wasn’t that spicy though, but honestly, I won’t complain since my ability to handle spicy food isn’t all that great…

Shoyu ramen:

Hot Miso Ramen:

But we also managed to save room for Pastry House Hippo, a bakery inside Mitsuwa’s!

We ended up getting a (clockwise, starting from the top) melon pan, curry pan, and an anko pan.

I really enjoyed the melon pan’s cookie crust top, but I wish there was more chocolate inside. I also couldn’t help but think, “Nutella would be an excellent substitute…”

The anko pan was your very typical anko pan that various Asian bakeries have. It was good, but nothing in particular that stood out…

The curry pan was probably my favorite. It was deep fried and there was a fairly good amount of curry inside. It probably tastes heavenly when it’s hot and warm, but we got it cold. Nonetheless, still something delicious!