I spent my Xmas day in Chicago, and wow, it was a little creepy since the downtown area so almost entirely empty.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a taste of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza, but my friend and I went to a fairly famous restaurant called Joy Yee’s in Chinatown.

Joy Yee’s was recommended to me by my roommates and the friend that I stayed with was planning to take me there anyways, which goes to show you good this place is. Apparently, it’s well known for their noodles dishes and their milk teas.

My friend ordered a green tea milk tea and a teriyaki beef and rice. Unfortunately, I only took a photo of her teriyaki beef and rice…which was served in a quaint bamboo tube.

I ordered an almond milk tea and beef brisket. The almond milk tea didn’t really impress me besides the tapioca pearls and the sheer size of the cup they served it in. After finishing the entire plate of beef brisket, I was struggling just to slurp up those last five tapioca pearls…

The tapioca pearls, in my opinion, were done perfectly. I’ve been to many places where the pearls were either too chewy or too soft, but Joy Yee’s does them so that they are right in between. The milk tea itself was too sweet for me though. If I ever went back, I’d probably ask them to cut down on half (or all) the sugar…

The beef brisket consisted of beef and udon fried in satay sauce. The udon was absolutely fabulous! I’m not normally a fan of udon, but the way they cooked it in Joy Yee’s made the texture perfect. It wasn’t too hard or too soft, and the satay sauce seemed to be within the noodle itself. I normally find the udon to be too bland, but this wasn’t the case at all in the beef brisket.

The service at Joy Yee’s is also fairly good, considering how it isn’t really an upscale place. My friend and I spent some time figuring out what to order, but we were never pressured by the waitress or waiters that passed by. We also spent some time after paying our bill just trying to finish our milk teas, but we were never asked to leave or made to feel unwelcome, which I really appreciated.

Wonderful place with a warm atmosphere (which might have been helped along with the bright yellow walls, hahaha), but definitely a must for people giving Chicago a visit!