Here’s some exciting news!! If any of you follow my Tweets or know me on Facebook, I’m sure you may have already heard me spazzing out about this. Last week’s post, about Restaurant Week in Ann Arbor, actually got picked up in an article by Edward Vilmetti on I was excited, of course, since I’m not even a pro-blogger, and honored for being featured in the article.

Moving on, as many of you may know, I’m a University student. We’re supposed to live off of caffeine when we aren’t having instant noodles or pizza or something of the sort.

Well, coffee in my system is a very dangerous thing. My friend, Laura, happened to witness it once when I mistakenly added coffee, which I assumed was decaffeinated (for some reason), into my milk, resulting in a half coffee/half milk drink. This resulted in me rocking in my chair in class for an hour and a half, complaining about “caffeinated caffeine” that irresponsible people gave to poor college passer bys. Needless to say, the next time we went out for bagels together, I was forbidden from touching coffee.

Even if I can’t have it straight up, I did find another way to enjoy coffee. I had these at a restaurant once, and their process was much more complicated, involving simmering and such. I chose to do it the quick and easy way.



1 pork rib, cut into bite-sized pieces

1.5 cups of made coffee at room temperature

8 cloves of garlic, minced

salt, pepper

coffee cream



1. To marinate the pork, add half the garlic, about 0.75 teaspoon of salt, half a cup of coffee and mix. Let sit for at least half an hour, but, as marinating things normally goes, the longer the better.

2. Heat up and oil a frying pan/non-stick skillet on high heat. As the oil heats up, add the rest of the garlic and sautee until nearly golden. Add the marinated pork and cook completely.

3. Take the rest of the coffee and pour into the skillet. Lower the heat to medium and add the coffee. Add cornstarch accordingly to thicken the mixture. When sufficiently thick and hot, pour on top of ribs. Top with a splash of coffee cream.