Belated indeed! I’ve been taking care of so many things ranging from school to kendo that I barely had any time to sleep, let alone post.

I meant to post this weeks ago because, if anybody remembered…食べ物 eXploZion was born at this time of year in 2009! I’m kind of surprised because I’ve been fairly consistent -cough- with updating this blog, and considering how much extra work this takes me…frankly, I’m very amazed.

For its birthday, 食べ物 eXploZion got a green tea chiffon cake. This is my first real cake. Ever. I was considering begging a friend to come and do a guest blog since pastries and desserts are his specialty, but he was busy being a good student that I didn’t want to corrupt him…

Sorry for the weird pictures…nothing except the taste came out the way I wanted it to. The recipe is here, from life as a h4. Instead of putting in vanilla extract, I added matcha powder instead.

I’ll admit I cheated. My egg whites never got to the stiff peaks even after hours with a whisk, so I ended up just folding everything together and sticking it in the oven, frustrated with my deflated egg whites. For some reason though, I think after I beat so much air into it anyways, the cakes came out very fluffy, so I was happy with it.

In an effort to be health conscious, I tried to make a yogurt cream filling, but ended up just pouring it on top. I added some vanilla cream, cinnamon, lemon juice, and some honey before whipping it all together and pouring it on top.

Happy first birthday, 食べ物 eXploZion! Even if my photos aren’t top notch, you are one of my pride and joys. : ] (And thanks to the poor people who have to help eat the leftovers that don’t end up here…)