This is veryyyy old, but I have a random bento!

Bento are so easy to make and make pretty! I think half the time, people make bentos just for the fun of decorating and then enjoying some food.

This is a really simple bento I made. It consists of a multi-grain rice (donated by my roommate haha), lap chong (Chinese-style dried sausage), a vegan beancurd wrap and napa cabbage.

The rice is on a bed of boiled napa cabbage and topped with fried onion and garlic. On top is the dried sausage.

The vegan beancurd wrap has a variety of vegetables inside. It has fried tofu, carrots, dried wood ear fungus and mushrooms. I won’t claim credit for making this since it was packed by my parents long for when I came here. It keeps fairly well in the freezer since this was months after I came back to Michigan.

The beancurd is on a bed of napa cabbage and roasted laver.

Even though a lot of people have the nifty bento boxes that are specifically made for packing lunches. But bento boxes can really be any sort of containers. The container I have here is reused one from a restaurant. The container holding the wrap is something I picked up from an event.

Most importantly, make sure that if you’re going to microwave it that the containers are microwave-safe! You don’t want chemicals leaking into your food…