I think a lot of times, people seem to have this idea that natto is one of those strange exotic Asian foods that nobody in their right mind would eat.

Well, one, it isn’t that exotic. Natto is just fermented soybeans. And two, honestly, I’ve had more smelly things (like certain cheeses and tofu), so natto is just another ordinary side dish for rice. For more information, here’s a Wiki article.

I came to the conclusion after trying buying it for the first time the other day.

Natto is seriously healthy fast food (as ironic and contradictory as that sounds).

Most people eat it on rice with a raw egg and some scallions. I decided to add some slices of cucumber and nori along with the scallions, but left out the egg.

You want your rice to be nice and hot and fresh. Ideally, it should’ve just come out of the rice pot.

And then mix and enjoy! You’ll have to be careful when eating because of the thin strands of slime. You might wonder if you have something hanging out of your mouth, and it’s probably natto strands, but hey, it’s fine to eat like a kid once in awhile!