Hi everyone! Did anyone notice the new header? I’ve been meaning to create a better header image for agessss, and I finally came through with it today. My friend, Yee Fen, did the handwritten characters for the banner, so cake pops to her!

Life is busy, and I’ve actually picked up another personal project. It’s been busy with this new project since it involves a lot of Twitter translations…but the problem is that the people I’m translating are in Japan…13 hours away. Imagine some sleepless nights/mornings…

Back to this blog’s main interests though…Food!

When I saw these on Tastespotting, they stayed on my mind, and, one day, I just took a chance one day and “popped” the question.

The question of whether or not I could make a matcha version of course. And I did!

The recipe from Bakerella is fairly simple, but I made notes for how I might personally change the recipe if I did it again.

1 box of cake mix (+ whatever ingredients they tell you to use in the mix)
1 can of cream cheese frosting (I made mine from scratch)
Matcha tea powder

1. Prepare the cake mix according to the instructions on the packaging. If you want matcha cake, add a couple tablespoons into the powder (while it’s dry!) until you get a thoroughly green color before adding the other ingredients.

2. As the cake bakes, take your frosting and also add several heaping tablespoons of matcha powder. Mix/cream until thoroughly green.

3. Wait until the cake cools before crumbling into tiny pieces and mixing with the cream cheese frosting.

4. Form into balls slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball and refrigerate/freeze for several hours.

5. Melt your chocolate and roll the ball in the chocolate. Place the ball on a piece of wax paper. Repeat for how many balls you make (probably ~50). Chill again or freeze.

For these, you have to make sure that they are very cold before you eat/serve them. Otherwise they just end up tasting like frosting, and you can’t taste the matcha. I guess another option would be to just use less frosting. I think I would’ve halved it so it would’ve been less dense.

Otherwise, these are fun to make and eat. They also make really nice gifts that are easy to pack for big events or for individual people.