I’m TabzChewy and I’m currently a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I only started cooking more seriously when I moved out of the dorms and discovered my previously dormant food-porn addiction while browsing food blogs (and drooling over those beautiful photos). I then realized that the best way to indulge myself in this new-found hobby was to make my own food. With the encouragement of a friend, I then took a small nervous step towards making 食べ物 eXploZion and will hopefully watch it grow larger as my own digital recipe book as well.

Some more random things about me to follow. I’m also a huge fan of the visual kei rock scene, especially of the band the GazettE, and I do obscure things like playing the piano and smashing into people during kendo. It’s also an excellent habit of mine to burst out laughing at things that “have no punchline” (as a friend puts it), but hopefully I can also bring some laughter (and food) into people’s lives at my expense.

Anyways, thanks for reading this ridiculously long introduction, and enjoy your time at 食べ物 eXploZion!

(By the way, for those who can’t read Asian scripts, 食べ物 is “food” in Japanese, and 心 is heart in Chinese/Japanese. So 食べ物 eXploZion = Food eXploZion, and the 心 of the eXploZion =  the Heart of the eXploZion.)